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When filing Chapter 7, you must disclose all assets, but it doesn't mean you can't keep some.

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Because the nonprofit doesn't have to report the winnings, it makes things simpler.

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Here's how to get beyond your human tendencies and save instead of hoping.

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Apple Pay, which launches today, could be DOA. Find out why.

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Good news: You have equity in your home. How can you use it for college?

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Buy this and "The Day After Tomorrow" you could be moving in to Gyllenhaal's house.

Credit, debit card fraud: How you're protected, Mon, 20 Oct 2014

Credit and debit cards are under siege. What's your liability if your card is stolen?

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Confused about the Supreme Court ruling on birth control? We have answers for you.

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Learn whether insurance money left for loved ones comes with tax strings attached.

5 safe ways to make some money on the side, Mon, 20 Oct 2014

If you need some quick cash, you can raise it without expending a lot of effort.

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Ever wonder what mortgage APR means? Here's what it is and why you should care.

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Don't be a victim of identity theft. Know what to look for.

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Need help paying for college? Try these savvy, nontraditional ways to save money.

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Will Social Security be around when you're ready to collect it? And how much might you get?

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Not all items at dollar stores are good deals. But here are five finds that can be bargains.

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The road to credit gold is straighter than you think. Here's how to avoid a wrong turn.

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It's costing us less to drive in 2014. Find out the price for your car class.